Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Well it seems this new supernova could be a "bust"

What may be happening is that this particular T1 supernova has a lot of "celestial" dust between the SN and the outer portions of M-65. In other words the light is being block or absorbed between this exploding star and us, decreasing the visible light output very significantly.

I may be able to see it with the 22", but not with the smaller 6" refractor or even the 8" refractor.

We'll keep an eye out for any change, but not looking promising to be a stand-out SN in such a nearby and wonderful galaxy. 


  1. Ill keep checking back. Looks like I might get one clear night this week, thursday night, naturally the moon will be in the sky, grrrr.
    So it looks like I might try some eye candy, not even gonna try faint fuzzys.

    Andy /( droid on CN )

  2. We were able to see it with a 20" and 25" dobs fro a very good dark site. I tried for the heck of it with the 8" refractor (at 327x), but I could not say I saw it. I kept thinking I saw something "winking", but just not sure.

    Could see stars around the galaxy from 15.3 to close to 16th magnitude though in the big refractor.