Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This past Saturday night was an exceptional one for some spring galaxy observing. My daughter Jillian and a fellow CAS member (Dan) were bringing in the photons.

Jill had her ES 5" f/6.5 refractor, Dan had a 4.7" f/8.3 refractor, and I had my ES 6" f/6.5 refractor and 12.5" f/4.8 dob.

Some of the first views in Leo with Jill's 5" and my 12.5" were Ngc 2903.

Her best view came with a 8mm Ethos (a great match for this scope), which showed the galaxy's bright core and mottled oval disc. In my 12.5" the galaxy showed some nice structure.

Dan I believe around that time was looking at M-106, which looks great with most telescopes in dark skies. His view was quite good.

Some of the other highlights in Jill's 5" refractor was a wonderful view of M-81 and M-82. With M-82 in the 8mm eyepiece showed lots of mottling and that dark lane cutting through the minor axis of the galaxy.

She also observed some galaxies for upcoming episodes of the Galaxy Log video series, which she's excited about.

My 12.5" provided some terrific detailed views of M-51, Ngc 4565, Ngc 5248, M-82 with a 5.5mm UWA was photo-like.

Dan showed me in the 4.7" a real nice view of M-64, plus M-104 with both showing there famous dark areas or lanes.

The 6" refractor was not forgotten, and gave us some terrific views which included the duo of Ngc 4485 and Ngc 4490,

Many other galaxies of the night were bagged, as well as some nice star clusters and nebula of all types.

Truly a fun night with my daughter and long time friend Dan.

Can't wait for the next clear moonless night.

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