Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A neat interacting system in Draco is ARP 81 or Ngc 6621/6622

This is from a report a couple years back from our best local site, using my 8” f/9 refractor.

ARP 81 (Ngc 6621/6622), which I've observed before in the 8" from Cherry Springs. Pa.

Using a 14mm Denk (129x) the big scope slewed to this interacting pair. At this power the object(s) looked like a single elongated galaxy with two faint nuclei.

Inserting the Pentax 7mm (257x) showed them as a definite galaxy duo immersed together. Ngc 6621 is the larger and brighter of the two sporting a brighter core around a faint elongated wisp. Ngc 6622 is a bit fainter, but stood out well.

We will do this one in a future Galaxy Log video for the large telescopes.

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