Monday, February 18, 2013

Funny how Galaxy Log has changed my observing planning.

I use to plan by on what I want to view and which dark observing site I’m heading to. Do I want to climb a ladder of sit while observing and so on.

There's been many nights with the 22" dob that I would go to a very galaxy rich area on my charts, and stay there for most of the night just galaxy hopping.

Now I look at our future monthly list of galaxies we are going to do for Galaxy Log, and then need to plan on which (size) scope I need to take. This is in case I need more written observing detail for a particular galaxy for either a small, medium, and large scope. Seems more then ever I’m setting up two scopes for a night though.

I’ve been very pleased that a number of CAS members are involved in the observations for Galaxy Log.

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