Sunday, February 17, 2013

Good to have that old scope out again

In 1993 the late Joe Varady and I built a 12.5” f/4.8 dob around a full thickness Parks mirror with terrific optics.

The 12.5” dob is what I call the “baby of the big dobs”, for in galaxy observing you can have a lifetime of terrific views with countless galaxies in this size scope. An almost 60% jump up in light gathering from a 10” is noticeable here.

This wooden scope is such a pleasure to use, and it’s holding of collimation is amazing. Great to use on these very cold winter nights here in Pa., plus you can use an adjustable observing chair to view through this dob.

This scope paved the way for first light with my 22” dob some years later.

It was a great view in the 12.5” of an Ngc galaxy that is on an upcoming Galaxy Log video, that gave me the idea of “first light” for the large 22” dob.

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